Road Department

The Road Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all Village roads which cover over 11.92 miles. The Road Department is also the main provider of snow and ice control, roadside ditching, maintenance of existing drainage systems (including catch basin repairs), removal of dead animals, mowing (grounds maintenance), installation/repair of road signs, road repairs (patching), traffic light maintenance, leaf pickup, brush chipping, and pavement marking.

Brush Pickup is the first Monday of the month from May through October. Branches are to be no longer than twelve feet and are to be stacked in neat piles with the cut ends facing the roadway, placed in the ditch area or curbside. Any twigs or branches shorter than four feet must be bundled with string or twine, or may be placed in containers to be dumped into the chipper. This service is to handle minor pruning or yard cleanup of reasonable volumes.

Leaf Pickup: Leaves will be picked up by Village employees from October 15th through November 30th. Have your leaves raked in piles to the ditch or curbside area. The leaf vacuum has limited reach and cannot leave the roadway to pick up leaves.

Phone Number: 330-657-2151

For NON-Emergency Inquiries Email: [email protected]